With generous support from donors like you, we can make a difference in the lives of families in Jamaica

Jamaica Hope Foundation is dedicated to fighting hunger and poverty, and helping families to succeed and break free from financial crisis. 

Our programs are three-fold:

  • Individuals & Family Support
  • Community Integration
  • Emergency Relief Efforts

We identify families in communities existing at or below the poverty line and supply them with the assistance most needed – groceries and clothing, safe living, access to childhood education and training programs.  We help to stabilize the living environment, improve income, and educate for the future in order to break the cycle of poverty. We then help the members of the family to take a role in their community and to help identify and reach others in need.

In order for intergenerational poverty to be alleviated, there must be strengthened cooperation with family systems, a reduction in teenage pregnancy, reduction in single female-headed households, reduction of family size, avoidance of withdrawing children from school, reduction of tolerance to criminal activity, reduction of learned helplessness, building stronger families, and a reduction in family regression. (Dr. Alanzo Smith, The Gleaner, 2014)

James has known nothing but sadness his whole life. Now his tears come from seeing his family going without food; every day. Do you know what it feels to go without food...for even a short time? Do you remember how hungry you felt? For James and his family this is a constant hunger...anguished pain. What James goes through...what his family goes not something you want to continue. You can change it for this family. His family does not need to remain hungry…because you care for them. Your kindness is what will make all the difference. Will you make a difference for James?

Won't you help?

When natural or environmental disaster strikes, affected communities and families need basic supplies for living – shelter, food, and water – while recovering and rebuilding.  In addition to individual and family support, Jamaica Hope Foundation maintains a special fund designated to help with emergency relief efforts in times of such need.

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Photo Credit: The Gleaner

Jamaica Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization