Make a Difference in the Lives of Families in Jamaica

In the Parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica , The Jamaica Hope Foundation's water project is making a major difference in the lives of children and families.

Before our water supplies reached some areas of Westmoreland men, women and children spent most of their daylight hours carrying water from main outside sources back to their communities and homes. The children had no time for school, and the women had no time to support their families.

But because of our generous sponsors and donors like you, everything is changing!  We are able to supply fresh clean drinking water to many of those rural areas by setting up our water stations.  Since then, the children are having more time for their schooling, and the women are supporting their families — now that water transportation isn’t their full-time job.

Without fresh clean water many children suffered with:
     * Diarrhea
     * Poor Hygiene
     * Dehydration

We want to continue to supply easier access to clean water, more reliable food sources and improved health. Access to clean water is essential in the fight to end hunger. We need your help! 

Did you know?  

  • In Jamaica, one in every five children lives in poverty

  • Families living in poverty are not able to regularly supply basic meals, running water, clothing or shoes

  • Inferior housing and living shelters/shacks are often pieced together from scrap metal, cardboard, and other discarded materials

  • Children lack education because schools require “registration fees” for attendance and that families can not afford

  • Children not receiving an education also lack healthcare as it is provided through the schools

  • The majority of children who grow up in poverty continue to live in poverty as adults

We must break the cycle of poverty.


The Jamaica Hope Foundation exists to improve living conditions for families in Jamaica.

Through our individual and family support programs and community integration, we impact the lives with groceries, clothing and shoes, living condition improvements, access to education, and more.

We also provide aid and basic necessities in time of natural and environmental disasters.



Help us to make a difference.

Photo Credit: Blog for the Poor
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Jamaica Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Organization